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High-Power Wireless Charging Technology

Welcome to IntDevice

Intdevice is located in Auckland, New Zealand, one of the world's wireless power technology hubs.

Wireless power utilizes electromagnetic induction to transfer power wirelessly. Power can be transferred through an air gap ranging from a few millimeters to tens of centimeters depending on the coil sizes and circuits' topologies.

More than 90% of efficiencies can be achieved. Our solutions for EVs achieve around 95% efficiency.

Wireless power eliminates power cords to bring advantages for your products including:

  • Autonomous Charging (Park & Charge)
  • Excellent User Experience
  • Hands-free, Mind-free
  • Opportunity Top-up
  • Safe for High Current Fast Charging
  • Zero Wear&tear
  • Labour Free

We are an expert in wireless power charging solutions for industrial applications, from medium-power for Robots and AGVs to high-power for Electric Vehicles.

We develop innovative solutions to meet client's demands with our world-class R&D team.

Add Competitive Features with
Wireless Charging

  • Electric Vehicles
  • AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle)
  • Forklifts
  • Robots
  • Rotating Robotic Arms
  • e-scooters, e-bikes

Our Technology

Circuit Structures for Wireless Power

Various resonant topologies optimized for specific applications

Coil Designs

Customized coil design for size, shape, cost and performance

High Efficiency Technology

upto 95%

High Power Solutions

1KW, 3.5KW, 6.6KW, 10KW+

High Current for Fast Charging


EMI Control

low interference, high reliability


Know-how for high power safe operations


Over Voltage protection
Over current protection
Short circuit protection
Open circuit protection

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